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How do I Switch to Bright Long Distance?

Yes! I want Bright Long Distance for all my International calls*.

I want to switch from my current International carrier to Bright Long Distance International calls. I understand there may be a service fee from my local telephone company for making this change, but Bright Long Distance may compensate me for all or part of that fee. I designate Bright Long Distance to act as my agent to make this change to my phone number(s) listed below.

My current long distance carrier is:
AT&T MCI Sprint Other

Switch the telephone numbers(s) (including dedicated fax or modem lines) listed below to Bright Long Distance:

* Must be at least 18 years of age to apply
Phone Number 1
Phone Number 2
Phone Number 3
Full Name
Email Address
Date of Birth
Home Phone
Work Phone

*Service is subject to availability on an exchange by exchange basis.

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