Access Line - An arrangement which connects the CustomerŐs telephone to a BLD designated switching center or point of presence.

Authorization Code - A pre-defined series of numbers to be dialed by the Customer or Authorized User upon access to the CarrierŐs Travel Service network to identify the caller and validate the callerŐs authorization to use the services provided.

Authorized User - A person, firm, corporation, or any other entity authorized by the Customer to utilize the CarrierŐs service under these terms and conditions. The Customer remains responsible for payment of services.

Commission - Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

Company or Carrier - Bright Long Distance LTD unless otherwise clearly indicated by the context.

Customer - The person, firm, corporation or other entity which orders, cancels, amends or uses service and is responsible for payment of charges and compliance with the CompanyŐs terms and conditions.

Equal Access - A form of dialed access provided by local exchange companies whereby interexchange calls dialed by the Customer are automatically routed to the CompanyŐs network. Presubscribed Customers may also route interexchange calls to the CompanyŐs network by dialing an access code supplied by the Company.

Initial And Additional Period - The Initial Period denotes the interval of time allowed at the rate specified for a connection between given service points. The Additional Period denotes the interval of time used for measuring and charging for time in excess of the Initial Period.

Premises - The physical space designated by the Customer for the termination of the CompanyŐs service.

Serving Wire Center - A specified geographic point from which the vertical and horizontal coordinate is used in calculation of airline mileage.

Subscriber - See Customer.

Switched Access Origination/Termination - Where access between the customer and the interexchange carrier is provided on local exchange company Feature Group circuits and the connection to the customer is a LEC-provided business or residential access line. The cost of switched Feature Group access is billed to the interexchange carrier.

Travel Card Call - A service whereby the Customer or Authorized User dials all of the digits necessary to route and bill a call placed from a location other than his/her residence or normal place of business. Service is accessed via a Ň1-800Ó or other access code dialing sequence.

United States - The forty-eight states contained within the mainland United States, the District of Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

V & H Coordinates - Geographic points which define the originating and terminating points of a call in mathematical terms so that the airline mileage of the call may be determined. Call mileage may be used for the purpose of rating calls.

BLD - Used throughout these terms and conditions to refer to Bright Long Distance LTD.